My Specialties

Here are just a few areas that I specialize me for more information.

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Agile Product Management

You may have heard of "agile" in the context of software development (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, etc), but have you heard of it in the context of Product Management?

Maybe your company has never had a Product Manager? For more information on what a Product Manager does, read this.

I do product management using agile principles. That means a lot of things...but, in essence, I deliver results "early and often". It means you can expect to see progress within days of engaging with me. And it means that your team will learn how to see progress incrementally as we iterate together on the product definition, design, and implementation. In an ideal setting, we will be doing a demo every week.

You will see an immediate increase in your team's productivity and efficiency by working with me.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

If you were to look at my bookshelf, you would see many books by authors devoted to the topic of Software Engineering principles.

Most software teams are led by a brilliant software architect who has a vision for building a software system that can stand the test of time. A well-thought-out architecture is key to succeeding in the fulfillment of such a vision. Not all software teams have a corresponding SDLC architecture that is compatible with how they work. As a result, they struggle when, inevitably, communication among team members breaks down. Having a well-thought-out SDLC can easily solve this. I help teams discover what works best for them. I use a descriptive approach versus a prescriptive approach. That means that I do not impose a particular method on the team. Rather, I help them find what is right for the team and make sure that all the essential principles found in a robust SDLC are present by the time we are done.

Typically, I can help a team define a robust SDLC and get them putting it into practice in under three months. As with most things, the timeframe is gated by how cooperative and collaborative the team members are in achieving this goal.

STEM Career Counseling

Pro bono service for college students in the STEM fields:

  • Resume layout and review

  • Cover letter creation and review

  • Interviewing tips

  • Professional networking with others in the same field